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Alex is a Strength & Conditioning Coach from Hampshire, England. He specializes in Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Performance.
“ The magic of a great training program is not in the individual workouts but in the progression from one workout to the next. By following the right plan, everyone can achieve great things”
He’s been a Trainer since 2006, having Graduated with an Honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science; Along the way, he’s gained valuable experience in the following roles.

  • Exercise Physiology. Performing biometric testing for endurance athletes and NHL Combine Prospects.
    -Exercise Rehabilitation, helping athletes return to sports after injury. -Owner of two successful Personal Training Companies.

  • Certified Online Coach. Specializing in Programming for Mountain Bikers, Trail Runners and Skiers.

Alex played high-level Rugby in his teens and 20s, until he discovered Back Country Skiing and Mountain Biking while living in Vancouver. He moved to Squamish to start a family in 2017 and is now a full-time Mountain Biking and Bike-Packing Nerd!


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