Certified Physiotherapist,  BSc(H)PT


Mackenzie Kemps BSc(H)PT, I am a certified physiotherapist with special interest and training with runners and the foot / ankle complex.

I graduated in 2017 from Brunel University London in the UK with my Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy degree and immediately jumped into working in the musculoskeletal world. Throughout my career I have worked in a number of different settings which has provided me with the skills of being a very well rounded therapist with a number of different skillsets before shifting focus towards the lower limb.

Running specialized

Prior to the pandemic I began my training with The Running Clinic to specialize in preventing and rehabilitating running based injuries but also assessing running technique and shoe choices. I combine this experience as a track and field coach as well as further education in the foot/ ankle complex and the hip to give me a full chain approach to maximizing your body’s potential when hitting the trails.

The foot is our base. The foot is also an area of my body we tend to not give enough attention to. We can correct a lot of biomechanical breakdowns that can lead to inefficiencies or to injury, by just changing how you utilize your foot.

Treatment Approach

My treatment style is a healthy mix of hands on techniques and active movement based approaches. The hands on techniques I utilize are myofascial release / mobilization, soft tissue massage, dry needling, joint mobilization, and taping with sports tape or kinesiotape. I believe in being on a team with my client – I hope to provide an achievable and individualized plan that give you the tools to drive your recovery across the finish line.

I have been a life long athlete myself competing at BUCS Nationals for triple jump and long jump while in university then after a serious ankle injury I changed my focus towards long distance running and ended up competing at BUCS Nationals again for cross country. Although being a passionate runner I’ve had the misfortune of also being a very injured runner so I put that knowledge, empathy and experience into how I work with my athletes. Aside from running I’m also an avid snowboarder – I teach snowboarding up at Whistler in my free time. I also mountain bike, climb and hike.


For more information about Mackenzie, please visit: www.mkphysiotherapy.ca


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