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Born in Toronto, Melanie Sakowski graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2014 with her Bachelors of Honours, Specializing in Kinesiology.

She worked as a Kinesiologist at a Chiropractic clinic in Toronto soon after graduating before leaving to work as a Holistic Nutritionist at an acupuncture clinic in Comox, on Vancouver Island.

After affirming her love for the trails and nature which was a huge calling from growing up in Toronto, she took some time traveling to acquire different certifications that sparked her interest. She pursued her 200 hour RYT from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India, and her Holistic Performance Nutrition Certification in New Zealand from Holistic Performance Institute.

Her personal journey with mental health in the world of eating disorders and hypothalamic amenorrhea is of specific interest in helping people through issues of underfuelling and disconnection with their inner selves. She firmly believes that her role as a practitioner is to be a mirror to clients so they can see themselves clearly and reconnect with their centre: physically and spiritually.

She traveled around British Columbia all the while furthering her training under Dr. Craig Liebenson of First Principles of Movement, and often references Somatic Experiencing, as well as the work of Lawrence Van Lingen of Innerunner. She has a specific interest in allowing people to understand their own movement, and have a relationship with any disconnected parts of themselves. She believes that the body keeps the score with past experiences, and gives due honour to clients as they experience themselves in movement.

Her personal journey with injury, sport, and understanding how her body communicates with her has led her to focus on the nervous system. Creating a sense of safety is the backbone of her treatment approach. She incorporates creative and unconventional methods to invite a remembering of natural movement patterns using techniques like walking backwards, flow ropes, and pulling a tire. Encouraging people to beat to the rhythm of their own drum. Be it the waltz, or Tupac.

She dabbled in triathlon, and found passion in trail running, with a love for vert and athletic feats. She loves training powerfully, and has personally observed how ease and fluidity in movement can elicit more power than sheer painstaking grit. The idea that high performance can be enabled by finding ease, fluidity and rhythm. A journey in yielding into power.

She approaches treatment from a connected, collaborative, self-discovery process with her clients as they learn to attune themselves and problem-solve.

Her rehabilitation process focuses on guiding people back home in their bodies where gentleness, ease and ferocity are very much designed to co-exist.

In her spare time, she can be found out in the forest, on a mountain top, or in a lake!


  • Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Honours Specializing in Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario
  • Practicing member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists First
  • Principles of Movement Practitioner Mentorship Program
  • 200HR RYT The Yoga Institute, India
  • Holistic Performance Nutrition Coach, Holistic Performance Nutrition, New Zealand
  • Reebok Spin Instructor


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