Union Health & Performance was founded by two (2) professionals in their respective fields – a Squamish physiotherapist, Adam Luu, and experienced performance coach and owner of Blueprint Athlete Development, Joel Harwood. The goal was to bridge the gap between health practitioner services such as physiotherapy and sports performance, by creating a holistic training facility that also doubles as a multidisciplinary clinic. So far, this collaboration between professions has helped create a one-of-a-kind wellness and fitness experience for our clients in Squamish and the environs.

Catering to both athletes and teams, as well as businesses and individuals, we employ a collaborative, holistic and science-based approach to therapy and performance with our variety of convenient and comfortable treatment programs tailored to meet unique needs. Whether you are recovering from pain, sports injuries, or just looking to maximize your performance and improve your game, our highly welcoming and professional facility offers a full continuum of care from physical rehabilitation to strength and conditioning, sport-specific coaching, massage therapy services, chiropractic care, and similar services.

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Union’s Open Gym

Have a rehab/training program but nowhere to perform it? Access Union’s “Open Gym” program. We’re proud of our space, and love seeing it being used. We also understand that not everyone has the space or the equipment to perform their prescribed program. Registering for the Open Gym program allows you to drop into our facility on your own time to carry out your program. We have over 1000 square feet of dedicated gym space and all the rehab/gym equipment you could need to perform your program. Ask your rehab/training team for details. 

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    The Union Health team is especially driven to help you return to your pre-injury self or maximize your athletic performance in the form of personal bests and wins. To do this, we employ a holistic and long-term approach to physical rehabilitation and coaching to optimize physical health. For you, this means we’ll start by addressing your deficiencies as a generalist. Then we follow this with the specifics to help you achieve your goals with a customized treatment or coaching plan tailored to your unique goals.
    These programs take into consideration every aspect of training, from strength and conditioning to skills development, cross-training, flexibility, and balancing daily routines such as work, school, family, and recovery, among others. Rehab and training programs should evolve with the individual. So, our plans and programs are data-driven and structured to be detail-oriented while still being flexible for ongoing adjustments.

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