Effective Relief for Plantar Fasciitis Through Targeted Physiotherapy

At Union Health and Performance in Squamish, we often encounter patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, a common yet painful foot condition. A frequent question is whether physiotherapy can effectively treat this ailment. The answer is a resounding yes.

Plantar fasciitis, a common cause of heel pain, often leaves sufferers wondering about effective treatment options. At Union Health and Performance in Squamish, we frequently address the question: Can physiotherapy help with plantar fasciitis?

Understanding Plantar Fasciitis:

Plantar fasciitis involves inflammation of the plantar fascia, the fibrous tissue that connects the heel to the toes. It typically causes a sharp, stabbing pain in the heel, particularly noticeable with the first steps in the morning or after prolonged periods of rest.

The Role of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment for plantar fasciitis.

Here’s how it helps:

  1. Pain Management: Physiotherapy offers techniques to alleviate the immediate discomfort of plantar fasciitis.
  2. Stretching Exercises: Specific exercises can stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon, improving flexibility and reducing pain.
  3. Strengthening Exercises: Strengthening the lower leg muscles helps stabilize your ankle and heel, which can relieve plantar fasciitis symptoms.
  4. Orthotic Recommendations: Physiotherapists can advise on appropriate footwear and custom orthotics to support your foot’s arch, reducing strain on the plantar fascia.
  5. Manual Therapy: Techniques like massage and mobilization can help relieve plantar fasciitis symptoms and improve foot function.
Union Health and Performance’s Approach:

Our approach to treating plantar fasciitis in Squamish involves a comprehensive assessment followed by a personalized treatment plan. We focus on not just alleviating the pain but also addressing the root cause to prevent recurrence.

Physiotherapy offers a promising solution for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. At Union Health and Performance, our skilled physiotherapists are equipped to provide effective treatment, ensuring you can walk, run, and move without pain.