Understanding Concussion Treatment: Do Physiotherapists Treat Concussions?

Concussions, a form of traumatic brain injury often seen in sports and accidents, require expert management. At Union Health and Performance, we frequently address the question: “Do physiotherapists treat concussions?” The answer is an emphatic yes, and our approach is both comprehensive and patient-centered.

The Role of Physiotherapy in Concussion Management:

Physiotherapists are integral to the multidisciplinary treatment of concussions. Their role encompasses several key areas:

  1. Assessment and Diagnosis: Initial assessments are crucial. Our physiotherapists evaluate the severity of the concussion, considering symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and cognitive disturbances. This assessment forms the foundation of a tailored treatment plan.
  2. Vestibular Rehabilitation: For patients experiencing dizziness and balance issues post-concussion, vestibular rehabilitation is vital. This therapy involves specific exercises that reduce dizziness and improve balance.
  3. Exercise Therapy: Contrary to the outdated advice of complete rest, controlled exercise is beneficial in concussion recovery. Our physiotherapists guide patients through safe, gradual exercise programs to facilitate a return to normal activities and sports.
  4. Cognitive and Visual Exercises: Concussions can affect cognitive functions and vision. Our therapists employ exercises that help in restoring these functions, crucial for daily activities and work.
  5. Education and Guidance: Educating patients about concussion management, symptom monitoring, and strategies to prevent future concussions is a key part of our approach.

Union Health and Performance’s Approach:

Our team at Union Health and Performance in Squamish, BC, uses evidence-based techniques and personalized care plans to ensure effective concussion recovery. We focus on symptom reduction and a safe return to sports and daily activities, with an emphasis on patient education and empowerment.

Concussion management is a critical area of care in physiotherapy. At Union Health and Performance, our skilled physiotherapists are equipped to manage and treat concussions, ensuring a safe and effective recovery process. If you’re dealing with a concussion, know that you’re in capable hands with our team.