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Union Health & Performance was founded by two (2) professionals in their respective fields – a Squamish physiotherapist, Adam Luu, and experienced performance coach and owner of Blueprint Athlete Development, Joel Harwood. The goal was to bridge the gap between health practitioner services such as physiotherapy and sports performance, by creating a holistic training facility that also doubles as a multidisciplinary clinic. So far, this collaboration between professions has helped create a one-of-a-kind wellness and fitness experience for our clients in Squamish and the environs.

Catering to both athletes and teams, as well as businesses and individuals, we employ a collaborative, holistic and science-based approach to therapy and performance with our variety of convenient and comfortable treatment programs tailored to meet unique needs. Whether you are recovering from pain, sports injuries, or just looking to maximize your performance and improve your game, our highly welcoming and professional facility offers a full continuum of care from physical rehabilitation to strength and conditioning, sport-specific coaching, massage therapy services, chiropractic care, and similar services.



The Union Health team is especially driven to help you return to your pre-injury self or maximize your athletic performance in the form of personal bests and wins. To do this, we employ a holistic and long-term approach to physical rehabilitation and coaching to optimize physical health. For you, this means we’ll start by addressing your deficiencies as a generalist. Then we follow this with the specifics to help you achieve your goals with a customized treatment or coaching plan tailored to your unique goals.
These programs take into consideration every aspect of training, from strength and conditioning to skills development, cross-training, flexibility, and balancing daily routines such as work, school, family, and recovery, among others. Rehab and training programs should evolve with the individual. So, our plans and programs are data-driven and structured to be detail-oriented while still being flexible for ongoing adjustments.

Our Practitioners


Joel Harwood

Joel’s ongoing endeavors as a student, athlete, coach, and educator have led him to create a universal, athlete-centered approach to long-term development and human performance.

Adam Luu

I graduated with an honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree (BSc(H)Kin) from the University of Waterloo in 2007 and followed this with a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy (MScPT) from McMaster University in 2010. 

Jay Chiasson

Jay spent the better part of a decade studying and working in the field of Structural Engineering before deciding to follow his true passion and become a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Chris Cosby

Chris Has been practicing Physiotherapy since Graduating from Western University in 2016 with a Masters in Physical Therapy. After graduating he quickly began furthering his skills through the Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Division obtaining levels 2 and 3 within 1 year. 

Derek Kyle

Derek’s primary goal is to get you back to moving comfortably so you can rebuild and get back to the activities you love. The sea to sky is a playground for people who love to move, and when injuries or pain get in the way of being active, it’s a little crazy-making. Let’s work together and get you back moving and loving life again.

Jon Israelson

Jon Israelson is a graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapists in December of 2014. Growing up in Jasper AB, Jon started competing in freestyle skiing at an early age. This translated into Halfpipe and Big Mountain skiing, competing on the world tour and traveling all over North America. Doing so, Jon is no stranger to injury and has a great passion for resolving pain and dysfunction with a variety of modalities.

Mackenzie Kemps

Mackenzie Kemps BSc(H)PT, I am a certified physiotherapist with special interest and training with runners and the foot / ankle complex.

I graduated in 2017 from Brunel University London in the UK with my Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy degree and immediately jumped into working in the musculoskeletal world.

Chris Kennedy

Chris has always enjoyed helping people achieve greater health and reach their goals, which made his journey to a career in Physiotherapy a natural fit.

Lauren Lozinsky

Lauren is a Certified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and owner of Glow Pelvic Wellness. She gets to the root cause of her clients’ pelvic health and abdominal issues using a warm, holistic approach that looks beyond the pelvis.

Dylan Wheeler

With a university education in human kinetics, exercise physiology and 8 years of fitness training experience, Dylan is a personal trainer that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Alex Ackerley

Alex is a Strength & Conditioning Coach from Hampshire, England. He played high-level Rugby in his teens and 20s and specializes in Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Performance. He is the owner of two successful Personal Training Companies and is happy to joining the Union team.


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